Where you should go for your first Europe trip

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You’ve never been to Europe and you can’t wait to go; however, there are so many options, it can be overwhelming.
Plus, everything in Europe is so close, yet so different. The good thing is, within two weeks, for example, you’re able to see quite a lot. Relatively cheap and short flights and train rides will make it possible for you to visit up to three or even four places or countries.
Here are my recommendations for you, sorted after interests you may have:

If you’re into nature, exploring, and hiking, definitely go to Norway’s west coast and explore the many trails and beautiful fjords – categorized as world wonders and UNESCO world heritage sites.
Austria, Germany, and Switzerland offer peaceful and beautiful nature as well, especially around the Alps.
Iceland has its very unique and diverse landscape: volcanic rocks, geysirs, plenty of great waterfalls, and endless untouched valleys.

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If you love EDM music, Ibiza, Split in Croatia, or Bulgaria would be your first choice.
If you love partying and getting super trashed with a bunch of Germans and Brits, go to Mallorca. You might even become a fan of German “Ballermann” music.
If you love cities with a more diverse nightlife, lots of options in bars and clubs, plenty of beer and drinking, go to Prague.
If you want various bars, clubs, AND see freaky things and experience mind blowing red light districts, where you can see people having sex on the stage and girls shooting bananas out of you know where, go to Hamburg or Amsterdam.


On a budget
If you’re on a budget, most Eastern European countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, or Hungary are cheap compared to the rest of Europe. If you love the ocean and beaches, or a more Southern European culture, try Spain or Greece.

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Now if you worked your butt off and are ballin’, and don’t really care if you spend 9 dollars or more on a cappuccino, choose a city like Paris or London, or go to Switzerland.


History buffs will so enjoy Istanbul, any larger Italian city such as Venice, Florence, or Rome (which you will have to share with other thousands of tourists), and also Greece.

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If you want to experience and immerse yourself in some really rich European culture and very proud people, go to Spain, Italy, and Turkey. Don’t only go to the big, famous cities, but stop in midsize or small towns as well.

IMG_9627b IMG_9584b

For the most beautiful beaches, go island hopping in Greece. Croatia and Bulgaria are the cheapest options and have plenty of party beaches as well. If your budget is mid-range, check out Spain or Portugal and if you’re able to afford more, then look into Southern France.

If you will try French or Italian food, you will never ever ever want to eat anything else again. The buttery croissants that almost melt in your mouth, the thin crispy flavorful pizza in Italy or really anything else there, you will LOVE it! So all my foodies – head straight there, take all the cooking classes and food tours you can.

IMG_4902 IMG_4847

A little bit of everything
Now if you want history, party, museums, and just a beautiful place to be combined, then head to Amsterdam, London, Prague, or Rome.


If you’re into shopping, head to Europe’s favorite fashion cities such as Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, Milan. Expect more classy and upscale fashion in France and Spain, while you can have everything in Berlin or London.


My favs
My personal favorites that I’d recommend for a Europe first timer are Amsterdam, Prague, Rome. Like I said in the beginning, you can even visit all 3 of them within 2 weeks, if you want.


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