Review of the Westin Hotel Hamburg, HafenCity

Views, views, views – what more can I say? The Westin Hotel Hamburg inside the concert venue Elbphilharmonie at HafenCity offers THE BEST views of Hamburg for sure! I literally screamed with joy when I saw my hotel room (#1828, from which the header photo of this article was taken) because one whole wall of my hotel room let me see Hamburg’s skyline with its most iconic churches, HafenCity, and part of the Elbe river.

Each of the 244 Westin Hamburg hotel rooms have a unique shape and view while all are at least 40 m above the Elbe. Their design is earthy and simple, yet very elegant, with emphasis on the views of Hamburg. A few bathrooms I’ve seen had a glass wall with adjustable blinds, so that in case you want to take a bath, you don’t have to miss the view.

westin hotel hamburg

View from a panorama suite.


For breakfast, the Westin Hamburg provides a nice buffet with a few vegan and gluten free options, while keeping most foods healthy, local, and some organic. They’re starting to provide more super foods, especially on their room service menu. The hotel also offers drinks at The Bridge Bar and an a la carte menu at The Saffron restaurant. Their staff is very international and friendly.

westin hotel hamburg

Healthy breakfast options at the buffet.


Even though the Westin Hamburg is directly located next to the Elbphilharmonie’s concert halls, the rooms are well isolated, peaceful and quiet, also because the window glass consists of four layers. Locals love to stay at the hotel after a concert or to take their loved ones to a special place to propose. Additionally, the Westin Hamburg offers a weekly running group, spa treatments, two small saunas, the longest indoor hotel pool in Hamburg to swim, a well-equipped gym with cardio machines as well as dumb bells, kettle balls, mats, etc, from which you can also rent clothes, and conference rooms for up to 230 people.

westin hotel hamburg

The Westin’s indoor swimming pool.


westin hotel hamburg

A conference room at the Westin Hamburg.


westin hotel hamburg

Part of the well-equipped gym.


A big thanks to Westin Hamburg HafenCity for supporting me on my visit to Hamburg. As always, all opinions are my own.

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