Traveling Floater

The Traveling Floater was created to serve the floating niche of this travel blog.


For those of you who don’t know: What is floating?

Floating (also known as floatation therapy or REST and formerly known as sensory isolation or deprivation) is basically getting into a bathtub filled with knee-deep water and hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt due to which you’re able to float. Your chamber or tank will then be closed; it will be pitch-black and soundproof. Then you stay in there for usually an hour or longer if you want and just be with your mind. Might sound scary or weird at first, but you’re likely to get hooked. Physical and psychological benefits include: relief of pain, stress, insomnia, headache, smoother skin, immense relaxation, etc.

Photo of Float Well

Photo Courtesy of Float Well

Why the Traveling Floater?

In February 2016, a Tinder date (true fact! and no… it didn’t work out unfortunately) introduced me to floating. My first experience was already mind-blowing. How could something so simple have such a huge impact on my well being? Thus, I went floating a few more times and knew that I eventually wanted to own my own float center.

However, I was about to quit my job soon to become a full time travel blogger. I knew that opening a brick-and-mortar business while traveling wouldn’t be the best idea. A few months later after a terrible floating experience, my friend inspired me to write about it (this article is still in preparation). All of this eventually led to creating the identity of the Traveling Floater, which also gave me a unique travel blog niche. 

So far, I’ve floated in the US, Germany, France, and the U.K., but I’d love to float all over the world (for experiences and recommendations, click here or navigate to Float Center Visits & Recommendations in the menu)!

What is my goal ?

My goal is to highlight float centers all over the world and to give their customers a chance to get to know them bit better (click here for interviews or navigate to Float Center Interviews in the menu). Also, of course, I would like to spread the knowledge about floating and its therapeutic benefits – physically and mentally. 

I believe that floating can literally improve everyone’s life – no matter their age, their origin or their occupation. 

To one day run my own float center, I want to get inspiration from all over the world. It helps that I have a passion for traveling too 🙂

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How did I get into floating?
I had read an article sometime in late 2015 where a journalist had spent the night in a tank, but forgot about it soon after. In February 2016, a Tinder date (bless him – even though it didn’t work out) got me to try it after he told me all about it.

My first float experience?
I was lucky to have a short out-of-body experience, which is not usually the case. (If you’re a person who has never floated before, please don’t expect anything like this for your first time). Afterwards, I had the clarity I needed for many decisions and felt relaxed and energized at the same time.

Where have I floated?
Germany (Heidelberg), France (Paris), UK (London), USA (Los Angeles).

Where do I float better? Pod or chamber?
Chamber! I’m tall, so I need lots of space, which chambers usually have more of. Also, I’ve never had a problem with water drops from condensation in the chambers I’ve floated.