3 reasons why travelers should float

  1. Jetlag relief

Carol Stuart, owner of Bondi Junction Massage and Float Centre says that many travelers who float at her place claim that floating helps them fight their jetlag. Makes sense because don’t you lose track of time in the floating tank at some point?


“Time was lost.”


  1. Muscle Relaxation

Because the salt water in the float tank carries your whole body weight, your muscles are able to completely relax. Imagine this after a longhaul flight where you were cramped into a seat for hours!



  1. Mind Cleanse

Traveling always means an overload of stimuli for all your senses – unknown smells, sights, tastes, sounds, etc. Give your brain a break by hopping into a float tank where you won’t hear or see anything for at least an hour! You will come out super refreshed!



Cover photo by Floatworks

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