Tracey : South Africa -> Canada



Country of origin: South Africa

Current Country: Canada

Cool, random fact about you: I am a vegetarian that hates vegetables.

Bucket list item: It is a very, very long list but some of the top items are seeing the Northern Lights, visiting NYC and tasting chocolates from every country in the world.


How old were you when you left your home country? 28.

Why did you leave your home country? Husband got a job opportunity in Namibia and that started our nomadic lives of moving every few years.

What made you choose the country you currently live in? Another work opportunity came about in Toronto.

What do you not like about your current country? We have no complaints.

Are you going to stay in your current country? Why is that? Only for 3 years, as that’s the length of the work assignment.

What has your move taught you? Patience and spontaneity. You learn there is no way of rushing visas, work contracts, medical results etc. We’ve also learnt there doesn’t have to be a life schedule and everything doesn’t need to be planned years in advance in meticulous detail.

What do you miss about your home country? The vibrancy and chaos of Africa.

Where is home for you? Home is where my husband and cat are.

Would you move back? Under which circumstances? Do you want to move back? We always picture ourselves finally settling in South Africa. I am sure we will eventually, when the political situation calms down and the right job opportunity comes about.

If you could do your move again, what would you do differently? Nothing really, you just have to trust that everything always works out in the end.

 Tracey is a South African expat that is living, travelling and working her way around the world with her Dear Husband and cat. If you want to know more about Tracey, find her here:





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