Interview with The Great Boost in Belgium

Geert from The Great Boost in Hasselt, Belgium answered the Traveling Floater’s questions about his center:

Where did you hear about floating first?

I read about it in the book ’Living Deliberately’ from Harry Palmer (US).

What made you decide to open your own floating business?

Floating is priceless gift. It is a unique way to explore yourself.

hasselt belgium float the great boost


What’s the best part about it?

The moments of purity and clear vision.

How known is floatation therapy in your country?

Less than 1% knows about it.

What is being done to make it more known – what do you do?

I talk about it to anyone, I’m working on promoting it in Belgium.

How many tanks do you have?

1 operational

hasselt belgium float the great boost


What’s different/unique about your center?

I combine floating with massage/body work.

What makes people come to you?

People easily feel at ease, I am well positioned in town center.

What’s a No-go for a floating center?

Any kind of noise, unclear water.


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