Don’t miss these 11 things when visiting Seattle

While Seattle is mainly known as the rainy city, it has plenty of things to offer, and guess what – the sun comes out too from time to time. So if you’re planning on visiting, here are the city’s must-do’s you shouldn’t miss:


1. Visit Bruce and Brandon Lee’s graves at the stunning Lake View Cemetery 

must do seattle bruce and brandon lee grave must do seattle lake view cemetery


2. Take a space needle selfie

must do seattle space needle

Or a jumping selfie. Even better!


3. Ponder on the purpose of the Gum Wall

must do seattle gum wall

Ever wondered why people start sticking gum to a wall? And why people keep sticking their gums on top of others? Yeah… Me too… Ask the Unexpected Productions theater company why they started this in 1993


4. Stroll by the waterfront (and creep on strangers)

must do seattle waterfront must do seattle waterfront


5. Get fat at the Public Market

must do seattle drink eat

The Public Market is full of amazing places with fresh food from all over the world. My favorites are the bakeries and a Greek Yogurt place.


6. Catch a sunset at the Sky View Observatory


7. Squeeze into police uniforms made for kids at the Police Museum

must do seattle police museum

Sorry, my friend would not agree of me posting a picture of us squeezing ourselves into the uniforms.


8.Gain some extra pounds at Molly Moon’s ice cream (not sponsored, simply delicious, lol!)

must do seattle molly moon's

I can recommend the Maple Walnut ice cream!.


9. Get lost in a park and act silly

must do seattle park silly


10. Check out the sick street art

must do seattle street art


11. Take an underground tour

Did you know that the original Seattle was built on a way lower level than the current one? Take a tour and discover underground passageways and basements from the 19th century.

Sorry. No picture for this one! Go, see for yourself!

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