What you should know before traveling to Prague

1. Safety
Prague is safe during day and night besides the usual crime that you need to watch out for when you’re in every other big city of the world. Just use your common sense and pay attention to your gut and you’ll be fine.

2. Money
Czech Koruna (crowns) are used as a currency. 1 USD = 24 CZK and 1 Euro = 27 CZK. Almost EVERYTHING is cheaper here than in Northern, Western, or Southern European countries: transportation, food, drinks, and attractions.


3. Food
The traditional Czech cuisine consists of baked goods, meat (loads of pork), and potatoes, which can be heavy, but definitely delicious. In Prague you can find lots of vegetarian, vegan, and organic restaurants next to every international cuisine imaginable.


4. Water
Tap water is drinkable!

5. Alcohol
Alcohol is super cheap and you can drink in public at any time of the day. There are beer cruises, beer tours on a long bike with a table (with a sober (?) guide, of course). Absinthe and cannabis absinthe are available, too – just make sure you get the real deal. In other words – Prague is a city where you can get your drink on (alone or with others – try the daily pub crawl to not drink by yourself).


6. Internet
Wi-Fi is available in lots of places and usually fast.

7. Tipping
You round up the bill, i.e. if it was 341 CZK, you should give 400 CZK.

8. Language
Czech is the official language; however, English is widely spoken and understood. Learning your Dobrý den, Ahoj, or Děkuji will earn you a big smile from locals.

9. Transportation
Prague’s public transportation is cheap & safe, runs until midnight and starts back up in the early morning around 5.
For the times in between, use cabs or Uber (use my code jennifers18652ue to get your first free ride!).

10. Smoking
Czechs smoke A LOT – just like Germans, i.e. Unfortunately everywhere – even in restaurants sometimes. After going out you can definitely throw your clothes into the washing machine and your hair will smell like an ash tray for the next two days despite one or two washes.

11. Partying
As anywhere else in Europe you start late and finish early – midnight til the sun comes up! And when the sun does come up and you happen to find yourself in the largest club in central Europe, step over to the Charles Bridge to witness the sunrise there without all the tourist crowds.

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