Nadja: USA – Germany

Nadja in Los Angeles. - Photo by Jennifer Schlueter

Nadja in Los Angeles. – Photo by Jennifer Schlueter

Country of origin: Germany

Current country: USA

Random fact about you: I collect snow globes.

Bucket list item: Going to Australia


How old were you when you left your home country? 19

Why did you leave your home country? I decided to do an exchange program as an au pair.

What made you choose the country you currently live in? I wanted to improve my English and experience the American lifestyle.

What do you not like about your current country? That racism is such a big topic and an every day topic in the news.

Are you going to stay in your current country? I am not sure yet.

What has your move taught you? That people you barely know can become family. That people have many different life stories. That you have to fight for what you want. That hard work pays off. That having an accent makes you very interesting to many people. That anything is possible.

What do you miss about your home country? Traditional food, my grandma, and my friends.

Where is home for you? United States

Would you move back? Maybe.

Under which circumstances? If I had to leave.

Do you want to move back? No.

If you could do your move again, what would you do differently? Nothing. Fortunately, things have worked out great for me.

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