Megan: Scotland -> Spain, currently: Czech Republic



Country of origin: Scotland

Current Country: Czech Republic

Cool, random fact about you: Lived in 4 countries

Bucket list item: To scuba dive at the Galapagos


How old were you when you left your home country? 20

Why did you leave your home country? I moved to Spain to teach English.

What made you choose the country you currently live in? Work brought me here.

What do you not like about your current country? Language barrier can make everyday things more difficult.

Are you going to stay in your current country? Why is that? Probably another 6 months or so, I like to keep moving.

What has your move taught you? Living abroad has taught me that no matter your nationality, language, religion or upbringing you can make lasting friendships and connect with people you would otherwise never have met. Especially living in Czech Republic where the language barrier is a big thing, I have friends here who are American, Kiwi, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian etc, and although we are all from very different backgrounds, it makes you realise that actually, there is no real difference between people at all and we can all connect and relate to one another on some level.

What do you miss about your home country? Family and heinz tomato soup

Where is home for you? Scotland.

Would you move back? Under which circumstances? Do you want to move back? One day, once i am ready to settle in the one place.

If you could do your move again, what would you do differently? Nothing really – I have made 100 mistakes but learned from them and grew, which i guess is what living abroad is all about.

If you want to know more about Megan, you can find her here:

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