Martin: England -> Germany


Country of origin: England

Current Country: Germany

Cool, random fact about you: I can teach quite well.

Bucket list item: I want to have a dog.

How old were you when you left your home country? 21.

Why did you leave your home country? For adventure. I wanted to do two years in a foreign country. There was a job advertised in Germany and I applied for it, had a telephone interview and got it. I suppose, it could have been anywhere but it was Germany.

What made you choose the country you currently live in? Like I said, adventure and this one particular job at the Max Planck Institute was adverted.

What do you not like about your current country? There’s not much really that I don’t like. I don’t like some political movements at the moment. I find there’s a certain xenophia that is manifested which I don’t find very attractive but apart from that it’s mostly ok.

Are you going to stay in your current country? Why is that? Absolutely! Until the end.

What has your move taught you? Hm… It’s been so long. It’s been 42 years. That I can live in Germany very well and that I don’t need to be in England. That I can get by in a foreign language. And to enjoy Europe, another culture. It’s been fun learning about another culture.

What do you miss about your home country? I miss the language some of the time. Things that you grow up with in natural terms. Phrases, ways of describing things, which go further than language; they are sort of intuitive. That I don’t have in German and probably never will.

Where is home for you? It’s really Germany. In Potsdam, definitely.

Would you move back? Under which circumstances? Do you want to move back? No, I can’t think of any.

If you could do your move again, what would you do differently? No, I think it worked out very well.

*Cover photo Courtesy of Flickr by Wolfgang Staudt

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