A day in Marburg – one of Germany’s most picturesque cities

In or around Frankfurt for a few days? Plan in a day trip to Marburg, a picturesque college town from the Middle Ages with lots of history, only an hour drive or convenient train ride north of Frankfurt!

If you wanna do things like a European – all the places I’m about to show you are walkable and you don’t need a car do get there. You can start off at Lustspiegelsturm, make your way through the inner city, passing Elisabethkirche, and end up to the castle.


Lustspiegelsturm or Kaiser-Wilhelm-Turm

A questionable myth surrounds this tower: Marburg’s students believe that they will not pass some of their exams if they visit this tower beforehand.
The area where the tower was built at the end of the 19th century was favored by Marburgers as a viewpoint. It also serves as a memorial for Germany’s victories over France and dead soldiers. The first tower that was erected collapsed, but the second one stayed.
The Lustspiegelsturm is 32 meters high and has a cute cafe where you can drink or eat something.
You can start your hike anywhere close to the main train station. Reaching the top will take you approximately 30 – 45 minutes depending on your fitness because the hill is pretty steep.

kaiser wilhelm turm

A myth surrounds the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Turm or Lustspiegelsturm on top of the Lahn hills.


kaiser wilhelm turm marburg

The views from the tower are epic!




This Gothic church was erected in the 13th century on top of Holy Elisabeth’s grave modeled after French constructions. It’s free to enter and to attend a mass.

elisabethkirche Marburg

Outside of the Elisabeth Church in Marburg


elisabethkirche Marburg side view

Side view of the Elisabeth Church in Marburg.


elisabethkirche Marburg interior

Inside of the gothic church.



Inner city

Stroll through Marburg’s picturesque old town and dine or have a coffee in one of the cute little side streets.

old town cobbled streets

Cute side streets in Marburg’s inner city.


old town square

Marburg’s old town square




Marburger Schloss or Landgrafenschloss

The Marburger Castle (Marburger Schloss or Landgrafenschloss in German) was built in the 11th century. Today it’s mainly used for cultural festivals (awesome to check out during summer) and theater performances. You can take tours as well!

Marburg castle

It’s a steep climb to the Marburger Castle.


Marburg Castle

A close up of the castle where you should visit a cultural festival during summer!


views marburg castle

More views of Marburg from the castle hill.


views marburg castle

Views from the Marburger Schloss

Have you been to Marburg? If so, did I miss anything? Let me and others know about your tip in the comments 🙂



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