Visit and interview: London Floatation Centre

London Floatation Centre’s owner Katerina kindly invited me to visit her business on my trip to London. This center doesn’t only offer floating, but a range of spa and health services from massages to colon hydrotherapy.

I was greeted by the very friendly receptionist and offered a tea. She explained the usual before leaving me in one of the two floating rooms, which are equipped with isopods. Their earplugs were the best I have used so far because they didn’t let any water in and I didn’t them move throughout the whole float. I don’t know if you have the same problem with earplugs, but adjustable ones seem to move around and sometimes feel like they’re creating tiny water bubbles around your ear. Here’s a picture of the first earplugs that I didn’t feel at all:

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Best ear plugs I’ve used so far for floating. Courtesy of Wikipedia

The atmosphere of the center’s floating rooms could have been warmer. The uncovered pipes, bags of Epsom salt, and a white plastic chair that I usually see in backyards made me feel as if the center didn’t put a big emphasis on their room design. Also, I was colder than usual when I stepped out of the pod.


During my float, I counted two water drops that I’ve felt (I mentioned this before, but this was a new experience for me since I’ve never had a water drop problem in the chambers in L.A.).

After the float, I was able to dry my hair in a room that was meant for beautifying yourself and relaxing. Also here, I would have prefered a warmer, more homey and cozy atmosphere, perhaps with a few images or a more inviting seating area where you relax, have some tea, or read after your float.

About this center:

What kind of floatation devices
– 2 pods

I recommend this center for people who:
– like spa services, massages, etc. before or after their float
– use earplugs when they float (I found theirs to be the best ever!)

I don’t recommend this center for people who:
– are easily cold
– are easily bothered by interior design issues such as uncovered pipes or white garden plastic chairs
– like a nice chill-out room after the float. Personally, I found this one too cold.



Before my visit I interviewed Katerina via email about floating and her business:

Where did you hear about floating first?

A friend of mine has introduced me to floatation tanks – it was about 4 years ago.

What made you decide to open your own floating business?

The idea of floatation is unique and all benefits which it gives are just incredible. I always wanted to do something which will visibly change people’s lifestyle in a positive way and when clients leave the centre with happy smiles, it’s the best proof I do the right thing.

What’s the best part about it?

Great feedback from clients who feel improvements already after one session.

How known is floatation therapy in your country?

Not well-known but it became more popular within the last couple of years.

What is being done to make it more known – what do you do?

Social media, bloggers, website, journalist, social events etc.

How many tanks do you have?

Two floatation rooms and two therapy rooms which allow for a perfect rotation by combining treatments in packages.


What’s different/unique about your centre?

Only our Centre offers other treatments along with floatation. 15 types of massages, facials and colon hydrotherapy.

What makes people come to you?

  • Latest generation of floatation tanks – they are large and beautiful
  • Opportunity to combine floatation with other treatments
  • Exceptional customers service
  • Great location (quiet area, great connection to Canary Wharf tube and Bank (Centre of London)
  • Free parking


This interview has been slightly edited for grammatical correctness.

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