Let me guess - you're overwhelmed with all information on LA that's on the web. You're asking yourself about :

  • Where it's safe to stay.
  • Whether or not it's worth to see the Walk of Fame.
  • What are the favorite places of the locals, etc.
... and you don't have time to research the thousand of websites out there!

Watch the video and find out how this guide will help you

Have a local expert explain everything you need to make this your best trip yet and purchase your audio guide now!
Although I’m a Cali resident, I found so much value in Jenny’s audio guide because, as someone who is 40 minutes away from the city, I needed a resource that would tell me about all the cool spots to hit during those adventurous trips out to L.A.! My husband and I are always looking for cool, new things to explore, and there is so much to do in LA (and in California in general), so I can appreciate a highlight reel on all the best spots to check out. I also appreciated Jenny's “no bullshit, real talk”—from the common traps to avoid to the hidden, local gems to check out. I learned about secret, celebrity trails I had absolutely no idea about, things my hubby and I can do for free, and entertaining/exclusive night life spots that are seriously worth scoping out. I loved that the audio even talked about seasonal things to do in the city, and gave excellent resources that make planning so much easier!!!! Definitely a time-saver and a genuine guide of how to do L.A the right way!"
Maritza Worthington
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