Interview & Visit: The Float Studio in Cape Town, South Africa

A year after visiting one of the two float centers on the African continent, I came to find out that a few more have popped up in my favorite city, Cape Town.

Excitedly, I emailed Gillian and she invited me and my guest, a first time floater, to check out her tank, which has been manufactured by her friend.

A small oasis in the middle of Cape Town, Gill’s float studio is nestled in the back of a property that also houses her cafe as well as her design studio. The float room has a massage table inside – a perfect relaxation combination. 

Gill suggested to listen to a guided meditation she uses that quickly brings your mind into a peaceful space. I had never tried anything other than calming music before, so I was open to it. 

The visit was worth it simply for getting to know Gillian and hearing about her 20 years of floating experience – as a floater and facilitator. She told us about a pregnant couple being able to connect to their unborn child, a woman gaining elbow movement and her own visions and adventures in the tank.

My guest and I both enjoyed our floats at the Float Studio and are grateful to have met Gillian as well.

Of course, I asked Gillian the usual questions and those were her answers:

Where did you hear about floating first?

We used to watch the cult movie Altered States in the 80 – The ultimate 
tank movie. And then a friend gifted me a voucher for my birthday about 20 years ago

What made you decide to open your own floating business?     

Sounds a bit far out , but it came to me in a vision during meditation. I 
felt i could add value to people’s experience

What’s the best part about it?

You can always experience something different. You may not get what 
you have asked for, but you will get what you need in that 

How known is floatation therapy in your country?

Not very well.

What is being done to make it more known – what do you do?      

There are more float centers opening, podcasts and content on the 
internet are making it a lot more popular and appealing to a younger, 
more experimental crowd.

How many tanks do you have?


What’s different/unique about your center?

Massage table right inside the room. Cafe with amazing food outside. 
In the city, but feels like a little oasis.

What makes people come to you?     

We are small, personal, owner-run business. Our Float & Flow combo 
(floatation therapy session and Kahuna massage) is a specialist treatment you won’t find anywhere else!

What’s a No-go for a floating center?

We don’t have too many no-go’s or rules. Obviously hygiene is key, so 
no-go to anything that is hazardous to our center.

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