The ultimate reading list for someone who wants to travel & work online

In April 2015, I wrote down in my journal that by next year, I want to be traveling full-time. I’ve saved up a cushion that would last me for a few months, but not enough to get comfortable for a long time. I left my job in April this year to travel the world and so far, I’ve visited 10 countries within the past four months. However, now these savings are gone and I’m implementing what I’ve learned about creating an automated online business within the past year. My goal is to get to working 2 hours a day while making the rest of my money while I’m at the beach or sleeping.

How I got to this crazy – or rather awesome – mindset? I’ve read a lot, attended a lot of webinars, and just researched things online. Here’s the best inspiration of all the people and books that will give you the last push you need to quit your corporate job and see the world while working from your laptop:

Simon Sinek
Start With Why is among the 100 most sold books on Amazon and its respective TED talk the third most-watched of all times. Sinek pushes you to be inspired and inspire others who will in return inspire even more people. May it inspire you as well!

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Tim Ferriss
I don’t know about you but if I could work 4 hours a week and make hundreds of thousands of dollars, I’d definitely choose that over a 40 hour work week. But how?! you’ll think, but here’s the solution: Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week. This guy tries to find methods to maximize your effort during your time spent working while minimizing the amount of time you need to spend working. He talks about checking emails only once a week and outsourcing tasks such as web maintenance or marketing that you could do, but that are cheaper if you pay Indians or Pakistanis to do them (who oftentimes have a Master’s degree and would do it better than you).

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Ramit Sethi
His journey from a super skinny Indian kid who begged people to come to his finance course to a now muscular, multi-million dollar business guru is inspiring in itself. He offers multiple classes for online entrepreneurs – from getting started to scaling your business. I haven’t taken one of his classes YET but even just subscribing to his emails made me change my attitude. I now go for what I want and “just do it” plus I’ve learned an immense amount about psychology, marketing, and finances from him. And what I like most about him: he doesn’t bullshit.

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Brian Lofrumento
Brian’s book Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur taught me that it’s important for entrepreneurs to just start and just do things. This way, you’re already one step ahead of millions of others who are simply thinking about their idea but not acting on it. It also took away my constant fears of “Who am I to teach people things?” or “Why would people pay me out of everyone else?” The best lesson was that if you’re one or two steps ahead of a beginner in your field, you might be able to teach them the beginning steps of something better than a pro, who’s been at his job for 20+ years and who may have already forgotten how he started.

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Russel Brunson
The world’s most known motivational coach, Tony Robbins himself, vowed for Russel’s book Dotcom Secrets, so how can this not be a bible for every online business owner? Russel explains the importance of a value ladder for your sales funnel, so you just have to follow his steps to scale your business to hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. He’s been in the game for years and his strategies have worked for countless businesses, who pay him an incredible amount of money, so they can make even more money.

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Napoleon Hill
Written in 1937, but still incredibly valuable today, Think and grow rich has been sold over 100 million times. Hill’s philosophy is not only about growing rich financially, but in every way of life. The author researched 40 millionaires and reveals their wealth secrets. This bestseller has changed my way of thinking and reinforced my belief that YOU are the sole creator of your thoughts and therefore, your life!

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Would you like to share any books that have helped you travel while working online? Please share them in the comments!


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