“F&cking nasty wh0re, too bad you weren’t killed” – Different types of haters and how we can deal with them

I have received about 800 hateful comments over the last two years (almost 700 on one article alone). Trolls have threatened to kill me and called me the s-, the c-, or the w-word. Check out some of my favorite examples:


haters internet trolls haters internet trolls haters internet trolls haters internet trolls haters internet trolls


Now imagine these were directed at you. How would you feel? Would you care? Would you be mad? Would you take them to heart?
Should you even care or be mad? Should you read, ignore, or/and delete them? Block and report these people?

In order to get the screenshots for this article, I had to go through all the hateful comments I had received throughout the last two years. Reading them again wasn’t bad at all; it was actually funnier than ever. Do these people really sit at their computers all day spreading negativity online? What kind of lives must they live that they don’t have anything else to do?

Oh well, not my problem. At the end of the day, I’m thankful that they contribute to my audience and shoot up my website views, hehe.

Anyway, let’s look at the different types of haters, how I deal with them, and how you can too:


#1 The simple hater

haters internet trolls


He’s probably bored out of his mind and his comments are proof. Yawn. I read things like this and move on with my life because the thousands of likes on this Youtube video of mine tell me that he’s an exception, which is totally fine because not everyone will like what I do. Also, he’s not trying to offend me personally.


#2 The angry, let-me-try-to-get-personal hater

haters internet trolls haters internet trolls


These haters use the outermost atrocities their vocabulary has to offer because they do not agree with what you do, write, or say. They simply can’t accept that your opinions and life differ from theirs. I am not offended by their comments at all; oftentimes it’s hilarious with what they can come up, throwing all the cuss words they know at me. If I translate these into German, I’d get some hilarious new cursing phrases.

However, it makes me so very sad to see how much hate these people have inside them that they just want to wish the worst on a person that they don’t even know or, for example on a group, i.e. black people or Germans in the cases above. That’s why I either completely ignore them or sometimes, especially when they also offend other commentators, report and block them.


#3 The scary haters 

haters internet trolls


They threaten to kill you (couldn’t find this comment anymore) or wish death upon you. When you read such a comment for the first time, it’s kind of scary, especially since they could find out a lot of personal information about you (and your family & friends) online. But would they ever go that far? Probably not because they will find another article to hate on in a few minutes. But still, I always report and block these kinds of haters! I also like the idea of screenshotting their comments, finding their mom on Facebook, and sending them to her, but that’s way too much work… Maybe I’ll have my future assistant do that one day, hehe.


At the end of the day, I keep reminding myself that people get more haters the more successful they are – so let’s embrace them, their clicks on our page(s), and move on. Deuces, haters!


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