Interview with Float Point in Potsdam

Where did you hear about floating first?

The first time I tried floating was in 2008 in a path finder float tank in Munich. The path finder is not produced anymore, but still used in a few centers. I started floating several times a week. After floating, my mind was different, in a positive way. I just wanted to continue floating after that.

What made you decide to open your own floating business?

The decision was made slowly. I tried floating in different centers and every single time it worked. The experience of it was definitely so much deeper than a massage or any other similar relaxation measure. More and more, I became aware of the effectiveness of floating.

What’s the best part about it?

You can tell that our clients feel better after a 60 minute float, which means working in a float center makes sense. The best thing is that I can float whenever, which I don’t do often enough because there’s no time.

How known is floatation therapy in your country?

In Germany, people are more familiar with couple floating. Floating as therapy is completely unknown. We still need a lot of awareness training.

What is being done to make it more knownwhat do you do?

It just takes time. But the good thing is that most clients are so excited about it that they pass it on to their friends. That’s how we get new clients. Gift cards for Christmas, for example, are also important sources of money for a float center.

How many tanks do you have?

Three I-sopods

What’s different/unique about your center?

Float Point has a separate relaxation room, which many other centers don’t have, but which guests always enjoy. If the guests wish, the can put on a bathrobe in the changing rooms, so that they don’t have to enter the floating room with their street clothes. Especially when it’s winter time with freezing temperatures outside, but 30 degrees Celsius inside the floating room, this will feel much better. Water and tea are free of course.

What makes people come to you?

A lot of people come to us to float in a real float tank. There are a few competitors with small floating pools, but they don’t compare to the real floating experience.

What’s a Nogo for a floating center?

Not to instruct the clients. Many of them come because they received a gift card but they have no idea about how sensory deprivation or floating works. They literally dabble in the bathtub and are wondering why nothing happens.

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