Float Lab vs. Just Float

If you live in LA and can’t decide where to float, here’s a breakdown of the differences between Westwood’s Float Lab and Pasadena’s Just Float, two great locations. This will be useful for first time floaters especially:

Float Lab Westwood Just Float Pasadena
Parking Unless you find street parking, no free parking at the facility Free parking
Cost $41.50 for 2 hours $60 per 60-minute float, price decreases the more regular you go
Pre-Instructions in-person explanation before you go in Video and in-person guiding for first timers
Inside the tank No music, no lights inside the tank Calming music inside the tank which turns off after 5 minutes, as well as the lights
After floating You leave right after the float Grooming room for afterwards with body lotion, hair dryers, etc., Quiet room and communal area

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