Copenhagen in one day

Whether you’re traveling through Copenhagen for a few hours or for only one day, here’s what you can do:

1. Free walking tour
Just like most other big cities, Copenhagen offers free walking tours. In front of city hall you will find guides with big, yellow umbrellas, who meet you a few times a day. Most tours last about two hours and take you to see the City Hall, Christiansborg Palace, the old City Center, Nyhavn harbor and the Royal Palace Amalienborg.
If you take this tour at 10 a.m., you can see the royal guards changing, which is a short 10 minute spectacle.


copenhagen in one day copenhagen in one day


2. Marmorkirken
If you like churches, you’ll enjoy this one. However, if you’ve been to Rome, chances are that you won’t be very impressed.

copenhagen in one day


3. Lunch at Torvehallerne
This market offers all different kinds of foods at over 60 market stands.

4. The city from above at the Vor Frelsers Kirke
If you want a 360 degree view from Copenhagen, climb this church for 40 DKK = $6 = €5. It’s quite a steep ascent, and it might be windy on top, but the view is very well worth it!

copenhagen in one day IMG_4775


5. Christiania
This freetown in Copenhagen’s Christianhavn borough is a must-see. Reggae music greets you from afar and you’ll notice the crowd changing once you’re getting close to the “Green Light Disctrict”- a completely different world.

copenhagen in one day christiania
Dreadlocks, marijuana, bare upper bodies (during the summer), and colorful art on walls and houses. Imagine diverse Venice Beach characters at a place where you can smoke a huge blunt in public and masked vendors sell their weed openly in clear cups.

Taking pictures is not allowed. If you still dare to, people will ask you to delete them. And they want proof!

Even though I don’t smoke marijuana, I loved this place for its happy, calming energy, the friendly people, and the sense of adventure.

copenhagen in one day christiania


6. The mermaid statue 
Also known as the second most disappointing tourist attraction after the Peeing Boy (Manneken Piss) statue in Brussels. After seeing it on a picture, we skipped it – also because it was kind of out of the way!

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      Thanks a lot, Gina 🙂