Is Colmar in France worth a visit?

You may have come across Colmar, a small town in France with almost 70,000 inhabitants when you were googling for “fairy tale towns,” “Christmas in Europe,” or perhaps “wine” or seen a pretty picture of it on Instagram. If you’re not doing a road trip – from Germany to Paris for example – you will have to go out of your way to see it, so – is it worth it?

I would say yes, if you’ve never been to a so-called fairy tale town with timbered houses. Yes, if you want to go there for Christmas or a romantic getaway. If you’re close by, it’s worth to check it out, too, but only for a day or two. However, it’s not worth it if you want to avoid touristy places because when I went there I definitely saw more tourists than residents. As for a fairy tale town and a place to spend Christmas at, Rothenburg in Germany is a better choice for architecture and attractions, but also here you’ll run into a lot of tourists.

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  • Great post and so timely with the release of Beauty and the Beast! We are going in June, so hopefully it won’t be too crowded. I’m quite the sucker for fairy tale towns!

    • Jennifer Schlueter


      Hi Lena, thank you! Depending on the weather, June will be crowded I think, but less than August. Enjoy your fairy tale town <3 Safe travels!