Interview with Carlskrona Floating, Sweden

The Traveling Floater interviewed owner Åsa Warme Hallén from Carlskrona Floating via email. Åsa found floating through her husband after both of her parents died. She bought an existing center and happily serves her clients in Karlskrona, Sweden.


Where did you hear about floating first?

My husband surprised me with a floatation experience. I had lost both my parents and was very stressed and sad – I really needed time for myself and peace and quiet. He thought it would be good for me 😉

What made you decide to open your own floating business?

When my parents died, I had a high-performance profession. One day when I was going to float the owner told me that she was forced to sell the facility due to health reasons. She asked if I was interested in buying.

After some thinking, I said YES. And I have not regretted it!

What’s the best part about it?

I meet many different people, it’s enriching! I think that people are using too much medication, when in fact there are so many good alternatives – such as floating. It’s cool to meet people who care about themselves and their well-being – that want to heal naturally.

Since I also work as a coach, floating and coaching complement each other in a good way. Floating opens the mind and helps you see solutions that you never thought of before!

How known is floatation therapy in your country?

I honestly do not know. I don’t think it’s very well known, unfortunately. But if you know me – you know all about floating 😀

What is being done to make it more known – what do you do?

We have a Swedish floating association that is working to spread information. I try my best to spread information about floating as much as I can. I use social media. Then I force my friends to share my updates on Facebook 😉

How many tanks do you have?

Two. One floatation-room and one tank.

What’s different/unique about your center?

Hard question. I’ve just been at another center. Carlskrona floating is floating REST center and not a SPA. It’s very quiet and nice facilities with a welcoming atmosphere. I share my space with a chiropractor and two naprapaths but there are no “cozy treatments” like soft massage here as it often is at a SPA.

What makes people come to you?

The pleasant atmosphere. It’s just me that works in Carlskrona floating so it’s very personal. It’s a security for many people.

The need for “self time”. Recovery and a quiet place to be.

What’s a No-go for a floating center?
To have a messy and stressful atmosphere.. Loud noises that disturb the float experience. The whole concept of floating REST is to remove all external stimulation.

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