Interview with Aquarmony, Romania

The Traveling Floater interviewed Flavian Dumitrescu from Aquarmony, the first float center in Romania:

Where did you hear about floating first?

From friends first, internet, books and lots of study afterwards.

What made you decide to open your own floating business?

The passion for improving ourselves, cleaning the body and the mind, and self-discovery work that we were involved into.

What’s the best part about it?

Floating is the best part of floating. Just being there, in the moment, no past, no future, no senses.

How known is floatation therapy in your country?

We were pioneers, first ones to open a floating center in Romania, first ones to build our own tanks from scratch. It’s been quite a ride.

How many tanks do you have?

In our own float center/showroom from Brasov we have 2 tanks at the moment, one is a classical cabin and the other a pyramid shaped float room. We have built a few others for different centers in Romania and Germany.

aquarmony float center romania

Aquarmony’s pyramid shaped float room.

aquarmony float center romania

Aquarmony’s classic, self-made float chamber.

What’s different/unique about your center?

Like I said, we build our own tanks, each one custom made. So the energy and passion we put into them makes each float cabin unique and quite different than the industrially produced ones.

What makes people come to you?

It’s our passion that probably started attracting them. But now, they are starting to see the benefits on their own: health of body, peace of mind, increased self-confidence, joy of life are just a few.

What’s a No-go for a floating center?

Neglecting the tanks. They help us and we take care of them: cleaning, changing filters in time, regular maintenance, so that we can offer each client the best experience ever.

aquarmony float center romania

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