My goal

If you ask my friends, they’d tell you that I inspire them to travel, to dream big and go for it, and to not give a sh!t sometimes, which I take as a compliment because this is what I want to stand for.

My goal is also to decrease discrimination based on stupid things such as gender or race and make humans unite, come together, LOVE!

Because eventually that’s what we all strive for, right? Love and being loved. And to have our kids and the next generation grow up in a better world than us.

To do all of this, I eventually want to have my own foundation (and/or work with others) that enables kids who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to travel.

The "I love you wall" or "Le mur de je t'aime" in Paris


In 2015, I underwent my first hypnosis session. The morning after, I woke up and told myself I would quit my 9-5 job as the Managing Editor of 22 newspapers and move to Paris. When I told a friend about these plans, she asked, why just Paris, why not take on the whole world?

Six months later, I gave up my job, my apartment, my car, a bunch of my belongings, the first place I had ever called home, and having the best friends around me on the regular.

With way too little savings, I set out to become a travel blogger and writer, explored Morocco, Iceland, and a few countries in Europe before my phone, my GoPro, ID’s and other things were stolen and I went broke.

Keeping myself afloat with a few online jobs I had landed, and staying on my mom’s couch, I tried to pull myself back up to continue traveling. I landed sponsorships with several 5 star hotels, various restaurants, tours, and even a safari. I published articles on Matador Network and Buzzfeed. I was living the dream, but I was still chasing the next country, and the next adventure, always thinking about the future.

I googled “how to be happy,” and from then on, a whole new journey began. My journey and deepening of self-development. Together with another hypnotherapist, and later on a coach, I started evaluating myself and realized that I was the sole creator of everything happening to me.

Things started picking up and I did more cool things, such as publishing my first book, my first documentary, and my first online course – all within seven months. All while studying hypnosis to help others to achieve their dreams as well.

While I’m still traveling and sharing my experiences and adventures on this blog, I now incorporate more techniques on well-being and living your best life such as floating and hypnosis.

If you’re interested in learning about how hypnosis can help you, click here.

How I started traveling

I was born and raised in Germany, where it’s quite normal to take road trips to different countries and go camping in Italy or Southern France, so my parents did. As my brother and I got older, we also enjoyed trips to Florida and Turkey, now with my mother and her then-boyfriend because my parents had separated. With my mom working and being gone for the majority of the time, I was forced to grow up quickly, become independent, and work. My first earnings I spent on visiting my friend in Slovakia, to where I traveled by myself at the age of 14.

When I turned 16, I participated in an exchange program which placed me into Orange County, California. My host family showed me around San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles and I totally fell in love with the latter.

At 17, I went to Oman by myself to see my then boyfriend for two weeks (a book about this experience is in the works). So you see, I’m quite the adventurer and my parents, especially my dad, probably almost died of fear several times.

A year after I graduated from high school in Germany, I moved to Los Angeles, where I studied at L.A. City College and California State University Los Angeles and received my BA in English. Straight out of university, I landed a job as a newspaper editor. Within a year, I became the Managing Editor of all the company’s 22 newspapers in Southern California.

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How started travel blogging

There came a point at which I became very uncomfortable being tied to a 9-5 job. I wanted to work on my own terms and on my own dreams. Mostly inspired by travel bloggers Alyssa Ramos and Gloria Antanmo, I saved up some money and quit my job in April 2016 to become a full-time travel blogger. Luckily, both of my bosses supported my decision, and so I still contribute my travel articles to them. 

In July 2016, I hit rock bottom as my GoPro, money, IDs, and cards were stolen in Madrid. Consequently, I was down to $0 in my bank account and had to stay at my mom’s. Since then, I’ve had time to learn how to optimize this blog, create an audio travel guide to LA, and land a few sponsorships for trips.

So far, I’ve been to 40+ countries on on 5 continents (solo, cruises, tours, with friends, etc.). With my photographs, stories, and tips, I want to continue inspiring others to explore this globe and to encourage them to learn about the beauties of the cultures in this world! I want to continue working with brands and referring only the best to my readers.

If you want to work with me, please check out this page, fill out the contact form of this website here or send me an email at 

I love venturing off the beaten path, tasting local cuisine and I have a weird fascination with cemeteries, ossuaries, and catacombs. But above all, I am determined to get the best sunset or sunrise photos! Did I mention that I’m silly, too? Just look at the picture below.