8 mouthwatering foods to try in Morocco

1. Tajine
With lamb or chicken, veggies or couscous, plums or caramelized onions and raisins, tajines or tagines are a Berber dish made in a clay ovenware. You can’t say you’ve had Moroccan food without eating a tajine! Beware side dish lovers – there are simple meat tajines without potatoes, rice, or many other veggies…

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2. Amlou
People have called this delicious spread “Berber Nutella” because it is as addicting as the chocolate-hazelnut spread. And the best thing about it: Almou is healthier because it’s made out of Argan oil and honey and almonds. YUM!

foods to try in morocco


3. Jawhara
Translated, Jawhara means jewel. You’ll know why when you try it because it’s also known as the best dessert in Morocco. It’s a fine puff pastry topped with a vanilla pudding-like cream and graded nuts or almonds.

foods to try in morocco


4. Kefta Magawara
Served also in a traditional tajine, this dish combines beef meatballs or diced meat with tomatoes and spices, which are topped with baked eggs.

foods to try in morocco


Moroccans usually give you just olives or something with olives before lunch or dinner, black, green, purple, different spices, etc. – you will get them in every way you want and ways you didn’t even know existed.

foods to try in morocco


6. Chebakia or mkharka
This flower shaped pastry is fried first, then dipped in honey and orange flower water and sprinkled with sesame. The dough usually contains a delicious blend of spices including anise, cinnamon, saffron, and turmeric.

foods to try in morocco


7. Msemen
You can find these square-shaped pancakes made from rhgaif dough literally anywhere in Morocco, where these are a favorite breakfast dish. Their texture is crunchy on the outside and rather chewy inside. Top them with honey to satisfy your sweet tooth.

foods to try in morocco


8. Couscous
Another Moroccan food staple is couscous, which is made out of tiny semolina balls that are steamed and usually served with meat and veggies for lunch or dinner.

foods to try in morocco


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