29 Signs you’ve LAcclimated

LA either makes or breaks you, you either love it or hate it, but you surely can’t deny the things that’ll happen to you once you’ve been here for a while. I have – almost eight years – and the following signs are things that you’ll probably have in common with me if you’re an LA transplant as well:

1.Your orders of kale & quinoa salad and green juice are becoming more frequent.

2. You don’t go to the beaches as often as you used to when you first moved here.

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3. You’re accustomed to the stench of pee, and the smell around grocery stores and weed, of course.

4. You’ve encountered at least one person who looks as if he or she doesn’t eat enough and a rapper and a DJ.

5. Celebrity spottings? Nothing exciting anymore. Neither are TV/movie filmings.

6. You avoid Hollywood at all times unless you’re going out.

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7. You think twice about a three-mile trip during rush hour.

8. You go hiking a few times a month.

9. Everything below 65 degrees is cold, ok?

10. You’ve lost a paycheck or two to traffic offenses.

11. You find June gloom depressing -> It’s LA, the sun’s supposed to be out every day!

June gloom LA Los Angeles


12. If you hear “I’m a producer/actor/model,” you’re only impressed if they’ve had a major part or campaign.

13. Snow? What’s that again? Oh yeah, that white stuff you only see during the winter months on the “mountains.”

14. You sleep through 4.3 earthquakes.

15. A 40 minute drive is normal to you.

16. It’s either or: UCLA or Trojans, Dodgers or Angels, Lakers or Clippers. And F the other team!

17. Rain is a big deal now. But the smell afterwards… – ew!

18. You know which lane of the freeway is the fastest.

freeway LA Los Angeles


19. You have moved close(r) to your work.

20. You’ve been to Vegas and Mexico.

Vegas Las Vegas Los Angeles LA


21. Your Spanish has improved.

22. You’ve had a sunburn in January or February.

FullSizeRender (8)


23. You order animal and/or protein style.

24. You know people who’ve been robbed or even shot.

25. At least one of your friends is on TV or in a movie.

26. Smog doesn’t scare you anymore.

FullSizeRender (1)


27. You love KBBQ and tacos!

28. Hispanics working at an Asian restaurant or Koreans speaking Spanish don’t surprise you.

29. You can’t imagine a life without Guacamole.


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